The year is the 2099. The city is London. But the world is different now. Very different.

Climatic catastrophes have changed the Earth's climate permanently.

Bionic beings, complex technologies, relationships and romance are mixed all together in this adventure game.

Each character has a relationship value with the player that will change through the story based on your choices inside the game.

Bionic Heart features a truly dynamic plot, where each of your decisions affects the story outcome, even later in the game: every move, every choice matters.

Playing this game, you have to take big ethical decisions.

Is a bionic being less worthwhile than a human being? Is the science the ultimate answer for men, or is love and friendship?

In Bionic Heart there isn't any right or wrong choice: only results as consequences to your action/decisions.

The game is fully voiced, features wonderful manga art and has 24 unique endings, a guarantee of great replayability and longevity.

available on android appstoreA demo version is available in the download page.